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Live Chat Guru in Consulting

 Direct your clients' browsers to specific pages
 with detailed graphical information.

Expand Your Consulting Services with Live Website Chat

Whether you offer legal services, medical consultation, engineering consulting, or run an independent consulting firm, you want to provide expert help to your customers when they need it. You want to be available.
Live chat through your website is a serious, indispensable tool for cultivating new leads, setting up appointments, and even conducting your business.

Live Chat Guru live chat is very easy to use. When a website visitor needs online consulting or wants to make an appointment for a phone or in-person consultation, he or she clicks on the Live Assistance button on your website, which opens a private messaging window. The visitor fills in the information fields you've defined, adds a question, and then clicks on the "Start Chat" button. You receive the chat request and review the information. If the request is accepted, you and your website visitor communicate with each other via real-time text messaging.

Live Chat Guru's online architecture allows you conduct chats for your consulting business from any location, from any computer with access to the Internet. No plug-ins or software installation is required on your system or your clients' computer. The extreme reliability of Live Chat Guru means that you or your operators can be accessible through your website 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Website monitoring makes Live Chat Guru a potent marketing tool. The operator console shows information about your site visitors, such as the referring page, their country and city, and how long they are spending on each one. Such information can be used to gauge the effectiveness of your cost-per-click search engine advertising campaigns. With Live Chat Guru, no more money will be wasted on ineffective keywords and poorly placed advertisements.

Live Chat Guru live website chat increases your client base by increasing your website presence and availability. With Live Chat Guru, you're not just offering good advice through consulting; you're offering superior customer service.

Add real-time chat to your website

Key Advantages of Live Chat Guru for Consulting

Real-Time Answers to Urgent Questions

Quickly answer questions from potential customers who don't have time to wait for an email response.

Simple Operator Interface

The intuitive, easy-to-use operator console can be quickly learned by everyday computer users, such as secretaries and office-support personnel.

Efficient Information Exchange

Direct your clients' browsers to specific pages with detailed graphical information.

Secure Chats

Conduct chat sessions containing sensitive information over a secure connection using industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption. You can place our chat button code on secure and password-protected web pages.

Monitor website activity and chat with your clients

Assured Confidentiality

Each chat takes place in a private room, so only the operator and the visitor can see it. Chats containing legal advice and other sensitive information can take place over secure connections using Live Chat Guru's industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption. You can place our chat button code on secure and password-protected web pages.

Monitor Website Activity

Behind-the-scenes tools make Live Chat Guru useful for gauging the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The operator console gives information about site visitors, such as the referring page, country of origin, and even the city. No more money will be wasted on ineffective CPC campaigns and poorly placed advertisements.

Personalize the Consultation

You can customize the appearance of your window with a photo. The chat window may be customized to your firm's colors, logo, etc. Greetings and system messages may also be changed in accordance with the professional image you wish to project. You may put your individual address into the system so that your clients email you when you are not available for live consultation.

Push Information to Website Visitors

Any customer question that can be answered over the phone can be answered during a live chat session. And there's more: Live Chat Guru has a "push" feature that causes images and specific pages (containing photos, diagrams, schematics, legal documents, and other information) to appear in the visitor's browser. This type of quick and easy information exchange will raise your agency above of the competition.

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