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Live Chat Guru in Online Pharmacy

 Fill your customers' prescriptions
 through your online pharmacy instead of their local drugstore.

Increase Pharmacy Sales with Live Website Chat

Speed, accuracy, and convenience are crucial to the success of any pharmacy. In fact, accessibility and being able to provide a timely response are crucial when working in the medical industry.
Your customer's health and livelihood is at stake; therefore it is not practical to rely on slow, unreliable email communication. It's simple - Live Chat Guru live website chat allows you to fulfill your customers' online communication needs while filling their prescriptions.

The price of your medications is an important selling point, but people often want to communicate with a representative about their order. They want access to someone who can give them information about medication side effects, availability, recommended dosage, shipping times, and so on. They want these questions answered in real time without having to go offline and pick up the phone. Live website chat helps your pharmacy to provide this communication need, which results in improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Live Chat Guru makes your online pharmacy easily accessible to your website visitors. When a visitor has a question, he or she simply clicks on the Live Assistance button on your website, which opens a private messaging window. The visitor fills in the information fields, adds a question, and then clicks on the "Start Chat" button. Your operator receives the chat request and reviews the information. If the request is accepted, your operator and website visitor communicate with each other via real-time text messaging.

Having live assistance on your website projects the image that your online pharmacy is customer service oriented. The Live Assistance button fosters trust in first-time customers and people not used to ordering medications over the Internet. The Live Help button shows them that a live person will be available to help them if they should have customer service issues.

Website monitoring makes Live Chat Guru a useful marketing tool. The operator console shows detailed information about your site visitors, such as the referring page, country and city of origin, which pages they are visiting, and how long they are spending on each one. Such information can be used to gauge the effectiveness of your website pages and cost-per-click advertising campaigns. With Live Chat Guru, no more money will be wasted on ineffective keywords and poorly placed advertisements.

Live Chat Guru live website chat bridges the communication gap between your customers and your pharmacy, making it advantageous for people to fill their prescriptions through your online pharmacy instead of their local drugstore. It's because with Live Chat Guru, you're not just offering medications online - you're offering customer service.

Advantages of live chat in pharmaceutical sales

Key Advantages of Using Live Chat Guru in Pharmaceutical Sales

Real-time Answers to Urgent Questions

Quickly answer questions from potential customers who don't have time to wait for an email response.

Efficient Information Exchange

Direct your customers' browsers to specific pages with detailed drug information or to drug manufacturer home pages.

Improved Agent Multitasking

One operator may assist several online visitors at the same time, which decreases customer hold times.

Fast and Efficient Communication

Live Chat Guru facilitates transferable chats and operator-to-operator chats for additional help.

Live chat for online customer service

Fast and Efficient Information Exchange

Any question that can be answered over the phone can be answered quicker and more efficiently during a chat session. Your operators can save time by sending customers predefined (canned) answers to commonly asked questions about shipping times, payment methods, drug side effects, etc.
Live Chat Guru's amazing webpage push feature allows you to direct your visitor's browser to specific pages containing drug side-effect information or to pharmaceutical manufacturer websites.

Improve Inter-Pharmacy Communication

If an operator needs assistance or needs to ask an available physician for assistance, he or she may invite this person into the chat. Transcripts of all chats are automatically emailed to a predefined address for training purposes or as later verification that the correct information was given out. The system also allows customers to request transcripts of their chats with your operators.

Assured Confidentiality

Although operators can conduct multiple chats at the same time, each chat takes place in a private room, so only the operator and the visitor can see it. Chats containing sensitive information can take place over secure connections using Live Chat Guru's industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption. You can also place your chat button on secure and password-protected web pages.

Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

Online pharmacy sales are often lost at the point of ordering. Potential customers become anxious about providing personal information during the purchasing process, leading them to abandon their shopping cart. Using Live Assistance, you can assure completion of the sale by walking customers through the process.

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