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Live Chat Guru in Auto Sales

 Sales representatives can monitor the dealership website
 for chat requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
 from any location, even while the dealership is closed.

Accelerate Auto Sales with Live Website Chat

Here's the scenario. You own a car dealership. A prospective customer visits your lot and starts browsing around, checking out your vehicles. Do you let this person walk around unassisted until he or she finally wanders off to a competitor's lot?
Or does one of your sales representatives go out to greet the customer to start the sales process? Online auto sales are no different.

Live Chat Guru live chat makes your website visitors feel as though they are visiting your dealership in person. You can greet them on the lot. You can sit them down at your virtual desk, pre-qualify them, and discuss with them in real time the kind of cars that would best suit their budget and needs. You can show them online manufacturer brochures and send them to pages showing special discounts and promotions and direct them to other departments, such as parts and accessories. If your customers need special financing, you can help them quickly by directing their browser to the site of a preferred auto loan carrier.

Live Chat Guru also allows sales personnel to see which autos website visitors are looking at and how much time they are spending on each one. At any time, sales reps can proactively invite these website visitors to discuss what they are looking for. Your salesperson may then use the opportunity to increase the visitors' interest so that he or she will want to visit the dealership in person.

If you run Sunday ads, it is absolutely imperative to have live help chat on your website. Live chat will enable home shoppers to ask questions in real time about autos they see in the paper. Once visitors go to your website, they can also see vehicles that were added to the inventory after the ad went to press. While your site visitors are on your website, they might even find something else that interests them.

If you run nation-wide ads for vintage or collectable vehicles, potential customers living out-of-state will be able to contact you easily without having to make a toll call. Live Chat Guru's push feature will allow you direct your visitor's browsers to pages of close-up photos.

Is your dealership closed on Sundays and holidays? No problem. Live Chat Guru's online architecture allows you to monitor the website for chats 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, from any computer with connection to the Internet. You can even answer customer questions about listings from a home location.

Live Chat Guru is the online tool that supercharges your dealership website with live sales. It's the high octane customer service feature that will allow you to race past your competitors.

Monitor your website and provide live help

Key Advantages of Using Live Chat Guru in Auto Sales

Live Sales 24/7

Sales reps can monitor the dealership website for chat requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any location, from any system connected to the Internet, even while the dealership is closed.

Send Brochures and Promotions

Show your website visitors manufacturer brochures and offer them special discounts and promotions.

Improved Sales Staff Multitasking

One salesperson may assist several online visitors at the same time. No one gets put on hold.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Live Chat Guru live chat is simple to install and can be added to your dealer website in as little as 15 minutes.

Add sales and customer service chat to your website

Cruise with Improved Communication

Live Chat Guru allows for private company-wide communication. Staff from different departments can chat with each other and invite others to assist them in answering a customer questions. Chats with customers can be handed off to other staff members when more expert help is needed.

Speed Information to Website Visitors

Any customer question that can be answered over the phone can be answered during a live chat session and more: Live Chat Guru's page "push" feature causes images and specific pages (containing brochures and other information) to appear in the visitor's browser with the click of the mouse. With this feature, sales reps can show site visitors photos of other listings and more during the chat session. This type of quick and easy information exchange will allow your dealership to race past the competition.

Lower Overhead and Improve Service

Live Chat Guru live chat is cost effective for dealerships of all sizes. With the cost of a typical customer telephone call averaging $5, Live Chat Guru will help to cut your monthly toll free and telephone costs. Fewer operators will be needed to answer calls. Instant online support means that customers no longer need to be put on hold and get the attention they need during peak business hours.

Customize the Chat Experience

The chat window of each sales representative can be customized with a photo or individual background. For example, the chat invitation screen and window of a sales rep that specializes in trucks and SUVs can have rugged mountain scene as a background. The chat window may be customized to show the dealership's logo and colors etc. Greetings and system messages can also be changed. Sales staff may put their individual email address into the system so that their repeat customers can send them an email if they are not available for online help.

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