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Live Chat with Website Visitors
Provide superior customer service by chatting live with your customers and walking them through your website
Operator-to-Operator Chat
Initiate chats with other operators in separate chat rooms or invite other operators into your current room. This feature allows handling of complex requests or transferring of visitor calls
Multiple Simultaneous Chat Sessions
One operator can handle any number of chat sessions at the same time. Each session runs in a separate room tab in the Operator Console. Operators can accept or ignore incoming chat request by clicking on "Accept" or "Ignore" button in the room tab
Proactive Chat
Invite your website visitors to chat with you in a private, one-on-one sales and support environment
Transferable Calls
Unable to answer specific customer's question? Bring other operators into your chat or hand over conversations to other operators for additional help
Automatic Emailing of Chat Transcripts
Improve customer service by automatically emailing your chat transcripts to one or more address for later review or adding to your knowledge base
Assign Operators to Multiple Departments
Operators can be assigned to several departments to maximize productivity and improve quality of service. If the customer chooses preferred department on the start chat form, only operators assigned to that department will receive the call
Easy Integration with Your Web Site
Basic setup includes simple online registration and placing of the chat button code or link on your website pages
No Software Installation Required
Use browser based version of the Operator Console when traveling, or if you would like to avoid installing Windows Operator Console on your computer

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